Adam Rogutich grew up with a passion for aviation. His father is an avionics technician for American Airlines and his mother is a United Airlines flight attendant. He wanted to be the pilot of the family and started flying lessons in 2012 at Poplar Grove airport in northern Illinois. He got his Private Pilot’s License in 2013 flying a Cessna 152 and 172 and quickly added a tailwheel endorsement flying a Piper J3 cub and Cessna 140 off of grass strips. 
Adam continued his aviation career through Indiana State University at the beginning of 2014-2015 and has since obtained his Instrument Rating, Commercial Certificate Single Engine/Multi-Engine and CFI. He is a part 141 graduate and has flown a variety of aircraft including Cessna, Piper, Diamond, and even the Cirrus Vision Jet. He is looking forward to an exciting career in the airlines and loves to share the knowledge and experience of aviation with his students.

​Wayne Foss began flying in the military in 1970​.  He was an Army Warrant Officer Aviator trained in helicopters, went to Vietnam and then flew as an Instructor in the military.  He obtained his civilian ratings in helicopters and airplanes, including ATP/CFI/CFII/MEI.  After the Army, He attended the University of Houston while flying charter and instructing in both airplanes and helicopters. After college, Wayne worked as a CPA for one of the world's largest firms and then went on to work in the holding company of a very large, private investment organization. Over the years that he did not fly for a living, Wayne still kept up his skills by instructing and filling in on the corporate fleet of airplanes.  In 1999 he semi-retired and went back to flying as his primary pursuit, instructing, contract flying for the State of Texas then flying EMS helicopters in the mountains of Arizona.  Just before 9/11 Wayne went to work flying for Evergreen International Helicopters, Inc, flying both helicopters and airplanes under FAR135 in the Gulf of Mexico, wildfire fighting, and disaster response and recovery.  In 2005 Wayne was recruited by Era Helicopters, LLC to fly large transport helicopters in the Gulf of Mexico.  In 2010 he became the Program Manager/Lead Pilot/Instructor for the first major civilian Search & Rescue/EMS operation for Era in the Gulf of Mexico standing up a 24/7/365 operation covering the entire Gulf of Mexico from multiple bases around the Gulf Coast.  He also flew and instructed in Brazil and Argentina teaching SAR/EMS operations.  He became an Instructor for Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in 2016. Wayne is the new General Manager and Chief Pilot/Instructor for Knoxville Flight Training Academy.  He has accumulated almost 11,000 hours accident free flight hours in helicopters and airplanes and over 3,000 hours instructing.

​PJ Vlok is a native of South Africa, and has lived in the USA for three years. He holds a PHd in Industrial Engineering and is an Adjunct Professor teaching at UT.  He obtained his Private, Instrument, Multi-Engine and Commercial Licenses in South Africa and then converted them to FAA.  He has earned his CFI-ASEL and CFII here at KFTA.  He also is qualified as a Mission Pilot with the Civil Air Patrol Squadron in Knoxville.

​Jack Quinby comes to Knoxville Flight Training Academy from the Pacific Northwest. He began flying at the age of 11 when his dad bought him a discovery flight for his birthday. It was on that day that Jack decided to make flying his life. In high school, he began flying gliders, soloing at the age of 14 and receiving his license at 16. After graduating high school and serving in the military, he used the G.I. Bill to go back to flight school. There he received his Private, Instrument, Commercial, and Flight Instructor certificates for both single- and multi-engine airplanes.  He moved to Knoxville in 2017 and began instructing here at KFTA. He is also attending Embry-Riddle in pursuit of a Aeronautics degree.  He is engaged to a Masters/Doctoral Candidate at UT, Márcia.

Marty Galyon started flying with his Dad in the late 50's.  His dad, Fred Galyon, learned to fly with Ms. Evelyn Johnson (of Morristown).  At age 16 Marty started taking flying lessons, soloing in 1975 and becoming a Private Pilot in 1976.  Completing his Instrument and Commercial Licenses in 1979 and on March 23, 1980 he became a Flight Instructor.  

He has a Piper J-3 that he flies from his farm and a Beech Travel Air that he teaches mulit-engine flight.  He is a retired Mechanical Engineer and is now a full time airport bum.

He has an ATP multi-engine, commercial single engine, instrument rating, commercial glider, single and multi-engine seaplane ratings. He is a Flight Instructor, instrument instructor, mutli-engine instructor and has both advanced and instrument ground instructor ratings. With over 8,000 hours flight time and over 5,000 hours flight instruction.

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