Overnight Policy

Due to the high volume of student pilots, we do not allow our Cessna 172's to be scheduled for more than 1 full day by a customer.  

Any overnight flights will need to be scheduled in the Piper Cherokee 180.

KFTC day schedule is 17 hours (6am-11pm)

1 hour flight = 6 hours ground time

Exceeded ground time is $20/hour

The following is a scenario to help you see how the policy works:

Flight Scheduled: Friday 8:00am - Sunday 5:00pm (this equals to 39 hours)

Total flight time: 4 hours round trip

Ground time allotted: 24 hours (4 hours flight x 6)

39 hours - 4 hours flight time = 35 hours of ground time

35 hours of ground time - 24 hours accumulated time from flight = 11 hours exceeded

11 hours x $20 = $220

Your invoice will look like the following:

4 hours solo time x aircraft price + tax

11 hours ground time @ $20 (non-tax)

Please keep your fuel receipts and turn them in with your dispatch sheet to receive reimbursement at the cost KFTC gets fuel at KDKX.  Customers will get reimbursed for fuel only. A credit card is required to be on file before the flight can be dispatched.