Aircraft Renters Insurance Companies

The above companies are only a few insurance companies that offer renters insurance. There are many more companies out there so please research them and find the best one that meets your needs.

 We want to start by saying thank you to each of our customers for their support and love for aviation. Without you  this flight school would not be where it is today. In light of recent events, we have re-evaluated the flight school’s  future needs in order to continue our growth. To better serve our customers it has been brought to our attention by  our insurance provider that it is strongly recommended that all renters obtain renters insurance. This is to ensure the  overall safety and reduce the potential financial hardship to our renters and their families should an incident occur.

 Our insurance deductible is $5,000 for in-motion incidents or accidents. This is a financial burden we hope none of our  customers ever have to endure, however if an incident should occur it is the responsibility of the renter to meet this  deductible. Even though you are covered on our insurance policy, we would like everyone that flies with us to obtain  renters insurance. Renter’s insurance allows each customer to become a safer and more responsible flier. We hope  that our customers will never have the need to use their policy, but if the time comes you will be prepared. We would  like for you to have enough insurance to help with the deductible. This will help you be more financially sound if an  incident does occur. Renters insurance is cost effective with low monthly payments. 

 We want to thank those of you who have already obtained insurance policies. We greatly appreciate your prompt  actions. For those of you who will obtain renters insurance in the future, please email a copy of your policy to Once the email is received we will add it to your file and you will begin receiving              a 5% discount off your aircraft time.

 If you have any questions or feedback pertaining to our insurance policy or renters insurance please feel free to    email us at

 Thank you,

 Knoxville Flight Training Academy