​Paris, France

Paris, Tennessee

KDKX - KPHT = 219.7nm

What to do:

Take a courtesy car, rental or taxi to the city where you can see a 60 foot Eiffel Tower Replica.  Grab you a bite to eat while you're there.


Lebanon, Tennessee

KDKX - M54 = 119.2nm

What to do:

Fiddler's Grove is less than 10 minutes away from the Lebanon airport.  Here you will see the history of Wilson County.  Go to www.fiddlersgove.org for more information.

London, England

London, Kentucky

KDKX - KLOZ = 68.1nm

What to do:

The Hangar Restaurant is located on the field.

​Athens, Greece

Athens, Tennessee

KDKX - KMMI = 47.7nm

What to do:

Visit the Swift Museum located on the airport

Crew car available

Restaurants 15 minutes away

 Knoxville Flight Training presents.......

             THE WORLD TOUR

Do you have what it takes to be a World Traveler? 

 We would like to invite you on our trip around the world. On this amazing flying journey you will visit 5 amazing  "countries". This is  a great opportunity for anyone that is working on cross-country time because 4 of the 5 airports are over 50nm. Not sure where to  go or what to do with that Private Pilot certificate, then why not take this adventure. When you start your journey you will receive a  passport. Your passport will have airport information and what you could explore once you are at your destination. Once the  passport has been successfully fulfilled, not only will you receive a FREE t-shirt to show off you're a world traveler, but you will also  have a plaque placed in our flight school for everyone to see!  


Terms and Conditions:  
You must rent Knoxville Flight Training Center's aircraft to be eligible to qualify for the world tour. If a student would like to participate while doing their training they must get permission from their flight instructor or their flight instructor may accompany them at the normal instruction rate. If anyone else would like to use a flight instructor on this journey please let us know so we can schedule one for you. If you are not currently checked out in our aircraft, please give us a call at 865-573-8359 to set up an appointment with a flight instructor. Please let us know when you are going to start the journey so you can receive your passport. In order to receive a stamp in your passport you must show proof by taking a "selfie" in front of the FBO or a sign stating which airport you are currently visiting. Once a member from our flight school as seen that photo we will stamp your passport. The passport is a guideline, therefore, you as the pilot in command are responsible for obtaining airport information and weather on the date of your flight. We look forward to seeing who is going to finish first!

Rome, Italy

Rome, Georgia

KDKX - KRMG = 115.5nm

What to do:

Take a courtesy car into the historical city for a bite to eat.  While there check out the Clock tower and Rome Area Historical museum.  Visit www.romegeorgia.com for more information.